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Professional Development Opportunities

EDcamp Mid Valley

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1/3/2013 8:30am - 3:30pm
Registration Period: 
12/5/2012 - 1/3/2013

Reserve your space now. Registration is free, but limited.


Calling all teachers, instructional technologists, IT Directors, Principals, Admins and Teacher Librarians!


Arrive with an idea for a session that you would like to lead or with the anticipation of a full day of learning. A session might explore a technology tool, a discussion about best practices, or a collaborative presentation with multiple facilitators.

During the first hour (8:00-9:00), you will have time to meet other teachers over coffee. There will be an empty session board where you and all attendees can post session titles. Sessions begin at 9:00 am.

Over the course of the day, you will have the opportunity to attend up to four sessions. The rule of the unconference is to “vote with your feet”. If a session doesn’t meet your needs, simply get up and move on to another room.

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Contact Information:
Chavez Elementary School at 2400 Walker Road NE, Salem, Oregon 97305